Cummins advanced secondary treatment technologies are built on our proven core technologies. Drawing on thousands of hours of experience and expertise in oxidation catalysts, particulate filters and selective catalytic reduction technology, our after treatment systems optimize your entire engine system to operate more efficiently.

Product segments

Cummins today enables its customers to meet tomorrow’s emissions standards with innovative, flexible and integrated technology for the light, medium, heavy and high horsepower off-road utility markets.

On the road

  • Heavy truck
  • Medium-duty truck and bus

Off road

  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Extractive industries
  • Off road> 750HP
  • Industrial


  • Rail
  • Oil and gas

Innovation in secondary treatment

At Cummins, our continuous improvement process requires us to seek out new, innovative ways to keep engines running even cleaner, stronger, and longer. Our continued commitment to the highest standards and our innovative technologies set us apart from our competition.

XPI power circuit (standard)

Cummins’ Extreme High Pressure Injection (XPI) system delivers superior performance at all engine speeds. To ensure optimal firing rates and fuel consumption, the XPI system sends diesel fuel into the combustion chamber using the highest pressure of any common rail system available. Multiple injections per cycle improve fuel efficiency and ensure smooth, quiet use.

Vital link for your Cummins diesel engines for sale

Use telematics to wirelessly connect your engine to Cummins, for continuous monitoring and diagnosis of system fault alerts in on-road and off-road applications, across a wide range of machines, using one app convenient mobile, email or Internet portal.

Close Gaps in Performance Analysis

Make better decisions about when to identify and classify error codes and report root causes of component-level system failures.

Avoid Progressive Engine Damage

Stay on top of actionable ideas about crucial engine timers’ seconds after they’ve been triggered by a fault, which will help you prevent costly repairs and minimize downtime unforeseen.

Get Back to the Operator’s Seat Faster

With Cummins Care ™, a representative can guide you through fault information and help you locate the nearest workshop where your equipment can be repaired by experts using real equipment. 

Check the condition of fleet equipment

Keep your fleet in sight with a smart dashboard to know which equipment is high risk

Cummins secondary treatment system (standard)

The Cummins secondary treatment system combines our patented Diesel Particulate Filter and Selective Catalytic Reduction technology to remove particulates and reduce nitrogen oxides (NOx). Cummins diesel engines for sale and after treatment systems represent a cohesive solution, allowing us to calibrate the two for optimum fuel economy, performance and near zero emissions.

Monitor power trains intelligently

Examine analysis of critical and serious faults with real-time performance reductions

Real-time diagnostic help. Find local Cummins service providers who can tell you how to deal with your service issues quickly

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