Recently, Google released new features to the Google AdWords platform while updating the already existing components. While Google is known for their various innovative and unique online tools, it may take a bit of time to get used to the new improvements made to their Adwords interface and features. Most likely, we can thank these impressive updates to the competition between Google and Amazon regarding product advertising. To get a leg up in this fierce competition, Google AdWords is bringing efficient new elements for all e-commerce businesses.

Whether you’re a B2B company or managing a digital e-commerce store, here are the top 5 features you should be using in Google AdWords:

  • Promotion Extensions: With more than 200 billion dollars spent on digital ad space thanks to Google and Facebook, it’s no secret that Amazon wants a piece of the action (source). Currently, Amazon is one of the only digital platforms that consumers use to search for specific items rather than look for these products via search engines first. So, how does this relate to promotion extensions? Well, for countless e-commerce stores, promotion extensions act as a major upgrade and can be an essential tool for selling more products. Additionally, these promotional extensions are known to increase click-through rates and target specific sales events–i.e., Holiday sales, special promotions, new discounts, etc.–leading to more engaged users. If your savvy with Google AdWords, then it’s highly recommended that you add promotion extensions to your list of must-use. With ongoing battle with Amazon, Google will be pulling out all the stops to ensure that users will be spending money on Adwords and not Amazon. You’ll certainly want to use these tools to your advantage.
  • The New AdWords Interface: While the new Google AdWords user interface may take some adjustment time, it’s sure to provide effective and efficient results. With this new, innovative interface, users can bid on call extensions, limit targeting by household incomes, review landing page performance, and use extensions to promote various discounts and sales. The new AdWords gives users much more control with access to informative data–now, you can view which keywords and ads generate the longest call duration. Additionally, the interface features a dashboard that highlights each trend. Optimization is on the way with the new AdWords interface.
  • Call Only Ads: With the Google AdWords call only ads, users are able to unlock more data that will help run optimal campaigns. With these call only ads, you can see how many users clicked through without beginning a call, how many calls were made, the length of each call, where the call came from, which ad was clicked, and which keyword produced the call. Full comprehension of your campaign is granted with this new feature, and it’s definitely a feature you should use to your advantage.
  • Message Extensions: Message extensions are an exclusive tool that offers prospective customers to converse with you on the search results page rather than the landing page. Convenience is certainly the key in this day and age, and that’s exactly what these message extensions provide you and consumers with. With standard click ads, consumers will simply click through and possibly not interact with you at all. However, with message extensions, you have the chance to turn a lead into an opportunity.
  • Shopping Campaigns: According to Adthena, US retailers are now spending over 76% of their search budget on Google Shopping Ads, 40% of the 76% from mobile (source). More importantly, over 85% of clicks actually come from shopping ads–making Google AdWords updated shopping campaigns a great asset to online retailers.

With plenty of competitors on the loose, Google is truly improving their AdWords features and usability. If your e-commerce store or B2B networks needs a bit of a boost, we recommend checking out these new and refined features that Google recently released.

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Manny Janero, of Click Elements, has been in the online marketing industry since 2007. His experience derives from years of account management, data analysis and structuring of high-cost online marketing campaigns, in all major search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo. He has successfully developed and managed large volumes of Pay Per Click campaigns for both local and national clients, in addition to managing local and national SEO campaigns. Having generated lead returns of over $15 million, Manny has acquired extensive knowledge of effective online marketing strategies within many different business verticals, including eCommerce businesses. He also has extensive experience in online advertising channels like Amazon, AdRoll, and Steelhouse. Manny is Google-Certified with a passion for digital marketing and generating successful results for his clients.

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