Lanyards are cords that you hang around your neck, which are mostly used to hang ID cards, badges, cards, and keys. The lanyards can be used by anyone in factories, corporate offices, shop floors, and schools. They provide a stylish and functional identification and security system.

Depending on your need, you can customize your lanyard by color, shape, design, and size. Furthermore, these lanyards are a cheap advertising tool too as you can increase your company’s exposure and business volume through it. Furthermore, social organizations can use it to spread important information to the public.

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Different occasions for lanyards

Lanyards can be used at different locations for different purposes. Some of these purposes are listed below:

  • Lanyards used for schools

Schools can make use of lanyards by using them to hang badges and ID cards. Students and staff must show their ID cards before entering the school premises for added security. The design of the customized lanyard could represent the unique color, design, and logo of the school.

  • Lanyards used for hospitals

Hospital workers are usually identified by their clothes. But lanyards can be used for people to differentiate between nurses and doctors. The lanyards can be customized for doctors and nurses separately making daily activities easier.

  • Lanyards used for competition

There are different types of competitions held such as technical competitions, sports competitions and more. During these competitions, individuals and teams get very competitive with one another.

Lanyards can be used as a way to differentiate one team from another enhances the feeling of team spirit. The customized lanyard for each team gives them a unique identification.

Furthermore, the lanyards can also have ID cards and badges that identify if the holder is a player, audience, guest or staff working at the event.

  • Lanyards used for companies

Lanyards can also be used for company employees to allow them to enter the office premises. Furthermore, customized lanyards help the employees be identified by the name of their company outside of work.

This ultimately increases the exposure of the business. The customized lanyard will have to customize according to the color theme of the company, the name of the company on the lanyard, and even the logo.

  • Lanyards used for social organizations

Social organizations can use lanyards to help people identify relief stations. When anyone needs help, the lanyards can help them find relevant organizations in time. They can also help in spreading awareness about issues in our society.


The above-mentioned points prove that lanyards can be used by any kind of organization for varying reasons. All you need to know before customizing your own lanyard is the purpose of the lanyard and the kind of design that you want on it.

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