Business process management (BPM) involves the study, identification, change, and monitoring of end-to-end business processes. In simpler terms, BPM is a way of looking at and afterwards controlling the set of activities and tasks completed with an organizational goal. The aim of business process management is to reduce human error and miscommunication. And it makes stakeholders accountable. BPM leverages software in order to provide an organization visibility. BPM software  is practically a process automation program that helps organizations, regardless of their size, gain a competitive advantage in the present economy.

If you are looking forward to implementing a business process management solution, you should know that it is necessary to devise a plan in advance. Things can go terribly wrong if you do not proceed with caution.

Choose the right BPM software

The reason why you are undertaking a business process management initiative is that you want to increase efficiency and cost savings, but also ensure the transparency of day-to-day business activities. This can be achieved only with a good BPM system. There are many offerings on the market, so making the right choice is not easy.

When it comes to selecting a business process management software system, you have to first consider your aims. Evaluate your organization’s activities and tasks and determine what can be improved. Do not focus your attention solely on processes that need to be fixed, like customer service. Once you have defined your business requirements, identify the technical ones. The technology infrastructure you have in place should be able to support the software program.

Bpm’online is a brilliant example of a company offering BPM tools. This organization empowers businesses to manage key processes regardless of their complexity. Bpm’online makes available solutions that help automate actions like document approval and collaboration. Bpm’online even makes available an online platform that enables you to create an application that caters for your needs. This is called the Bpm’online studio. Other solutions worth considering are Nintex and BPM by Bellwether.

What is involved in BPM software implementation

Implementing a BPM tool takes some time. It is not possible to estimate the amount of time necessary to technically implement the software system, especially if it is not cloud-based. In any case, there are three main channels involved:

  • Implementing from the technical level – BPM is most commonly offered with a platform as a service. This type of cloud-computing service brings together the perks of application development and process support. If the application is hosted in the cloud, the integration time is reduced considerably. If you opt for a cloud-based business process management system, it is necessary to maintain a connection with the supplier.
  • Design implementation – Changes will need to be made to the IT infrastructure to accommodate the BPM program. You can choose between a standard and bespoke design. Bespoke BPM software provides you efficiency and control that standard software cannot.
  • BPM training for operational efficiency – It is important to organize and train your staff for BPM system. Hire expert consultants to give your employees in-depth business process management training. The program should focus on learning by experience.

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