You can always find process and workflow automation platforms that would help a business, no matter size. However, when it comes to outsourcing business operations, there is reluctance associated with every single decision. Small businesses in particular tend to want to control everything and will not want to outsource to Chinese based companies or similar. This can be a bad management approach since the truth is there are so many tasks and operations that could be outsourced. The examples below are almost always possibilities that can be considered by the small companies. 

Content Marketing

Content marketing is highly effective in promoting small companies but it does take a lot of time and extra knowledge that is simply not available in-house. High quality content can generate leads and create relationships with potential and current customers or even with partners. 

Statistics show that around 40% of all companies have at least one executive responsible for content marketing tasks. The problem is that small businesses do not have the needed budget to do something of a suitable magnitude. The alternative is offered by outsourcing. Instead of spending time distributing and producing content, hiring a company specialized in content marketing can be highly advantageous. 


Multitasking tends to drastically reduce the efficiency of staff members in any company. With the small businesses it is really common to see in-house staff that ends up doing business related tasks and bookkeeping. This is not at all effective. You never want to make mistakes as you handle business finances. Outsourcing bookkeeping allows the staff to focus on operations that actually generate income. At the same time, the people you hire are professionals so they do know everything about accounting. 


Outsourcing payroll is particularly effective for small businesses because there are so many regulations, tax laws and requirements that have to be respected. Payroll is not just calculating salaries and how much work time was logged. A single mistake can easily lead to unwanted tax audits or fines. Billions of dollars are levied against small companies every single year by the IRS because of improper tax filings, omissions and mistakes. You basically want to outsource payroll instead of hiring a full time accountant or maintaining overhead. 

Administrative And Scheduling Tasks

If you take a look at the freelance jobs available on platforms like Upwork, you quickly notice that many of them are for virtual assistants. This is simply because scheduling and administrative tasks can so easily end up costing the small business as a lot of time is wasted performing them. Small business owners have to focus on core processes in order to make the entire company grow. Hiring the virtual assistant is highly useful since you just pay for the time that is spent doing work. Much wasted time is eliminated, like when setting appointments, sending generic emails or any other task that is repetitive in nature. 

On the whole, you want to be sure that you seriously consider outsourcing small business tasks whenever it makes sense. 

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