Finding an advertiser to post their ads on your site can be quite a challenging task. You should have a great deal of clarity in your thoughts so that you can convince the advertiser as to why he might benefit if he places his ad on your site. What unique features have you got on your site to offer the advertisers?  Think on these angles before you approach any advertiser to sell ad space on your site. More often than not, website publishers don’t find advertisers because they are not able to present their site properly or have not enough research about the history of their visitors and their interests. Not following proper metrics or not using professional analytics tool to measure the success rate of your website can also be an important reason as to why you are not able to get advertisers on your site. Here are some tips that will help you in this process.

1.How thorough are you about your website?

When you approach an advertiser offering him some space in your site for ads, he would obviously ask you basic questions about the traffic of your website, your engagement rate with clients and other such technical questions. He would want to be sure that he is placing his ad in a site that is visited by lots of viewers every day. Therefore, before approaching an advertiser, you have to do a thorough research on your site and prepare an exhaustive report about it. Present the details that you have found out with the help of graphs, charts and bulleted facts so that it easy for the advertisers to understand.

2.History of visitors to your site

If you want to prepare your report in an exhaustive and thorough manner, you should incorporate details about your website visitors in it. How many visitors does your site get on a daily basis? What is the improvement in this number in the recent past? What do visitors usually browse for, when they come to your site? Do they stay for a while on your site or do they exit within a few seconds? Get answers for these questions and present them in a nice format. There are several website advertising tools that help you get real-time updates and information about visitor interests. Invest in these tools without fail. You can then convince the advertisers that the interests of your visitors have a close match with the products/services offered by the advertisers and thus placing their ads on your site would be a win-win situation for both the parties concerned.

3.Promote your website extensively

When an advertiser is interested in buying advertising space, he would first watch out for the traffic of the site that he has narrowed down. If you want your site to be the first choice of your advertiser, you should promote your site extensively across all platforms and keep many people informed about the same. Talk about your products/services on social media and engage with users on a regular basis so that you get as many people talking about your website as possible.

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