Hunters and firearms collectors amass a great variety of rifles, shotguns, revolvers, and pistols. A few of those firearms may be quite prized. Investing in a highly collectible .357 Colt Python or a brilliantly manufactured over-and-under waterfowl shotgun requires spending quite a bit of money. Placing such items in a closet or cedar chest isn’t a good idea. Storing any gun collection — regardless of value — anywhere outside of a steel gun safe presents risks.

No Unauthorized Access

All that it takes for someone to retrieve a gun from a closet is to open the closet door. A burglar may discover a cache of firearms by simply opening closets and drawers. With a gun safe, unauthorized access becomes a lot harder. A safe comes with either a combination or a more secure electronic lock. A 3-point locking system adds a massive layer of security. Cutting holes in a solid steel gun safe won’t likely be possible even for a super criminal.

An Added Level of Security

Couldn’t someone walk away with a gun safe? Moving the safe won’t be possible if it is bolted or otherwise secured in place. Look for stack on safes for sale that bolt to the floor. Double check to see how a particular safe bolts to the floor before making a purchase. The actual work required to bolt down a safe isn’t too complicated. Someone with basic knowledge of common tools could likely do the job.

Preserving the Contents

Locking up firearms in a safe does more than reducing the chances of theft or an unfortunate accident. The guns placed in the safe become protected from corrosion and scratches. If moisture cannot enter the safe, corrosion won’t likely occur. Setting guns on foam covered shelves and spacing rifles/shotguns safely apart from one another cut down on the potential for damage.

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