Coasters have been around since the year 1880. From plain cork coasters to tile, fibre or wood pulp coasters, coasters have come a long way. Today, you see coasters customized to your taste with your photo or message designed exclusively for you even online! Yes, sitting at home, you can create your coasters online. Let’s try doing this.

Creating Coasters Online

Coasters make excellent personalized gifts and can be used for both personal and corporate gifting.

Designing your coaster online is easy. You can either choose from existing templates or upload your own design.

Option 1: Choosing From Given Templates

First, go to the website of the coaster provider and browse the design available there. From traditional or ethnic to contemporary and chic designs, numerous templates await you on their site.

Planning to gift drink coasters to your employees and clients on a festive occasion?  No problem. Just choose from the festival designs available here. Diwali, Christmas, Id, New Year, Holi, Baisakhi, Raksha Bandhan… the list is endless. Choose festive coasters of appropriate designs to gift them in time for the occasion and please your clients and customers.

Setting up your office in a new location? Print new coasters for your launch with the city’s image printed on it and include your company logo as well. Coasters with cute graphic depictions of all metropolitan cities are available as readymade design templates to suit your taste.

Are you a travel agency? Choose exotic international destinations which entice your customers to opt for your travel packages. Readymade templates are available of international tourist spots like New York, Paris, Sydney, London, Rome, etc. Get your company’s logo printed on them and get them printed in bulk to get the optimum cost.

Place these coasters on your office’s reception, hospital and travel management desks. Customers will surely catch sight of these eye-catching designs and evince interest in visiting these spots. You can then offer these coasters as promotional gifts to the customer when they book a package.

Similarly, florists can select flower and bouquet templates, pet shops can pick animal templates and so on.

Corporate companies can choose readymade templates with motivating quotations and use them for their advertising purposes by printing such coasters with their logo embossed on the template.

Many such readymade templates exist. All you have to do is select the right one online, specifies the quantity and get them printed from your expert coaster provider.

Option 2:  Uploading Your Own Design

If you are a person who has his/her own special way of doing things, designing your own coasters by yourself will be the best idea. This can be easily done by uploading your own design online on your coaster provider’s site.

Select the size of the coaster and then upload the design.

Follow these rules while uploading the design

  1. Upload the design in .pdf, .cdr, .eps, .psd,.ai formats. in size.
  2. The image should have a resolution of at least 300 dpi.
  3. All the fonts should be curved or flattened.
  4. The file should not be more than 50MB
  5. Multiple files should be zipped.

Next, edit or approve the preliminary design sent by the coaster provider. Specify the quantity and get the coasters delivered within a week in your own design.

Coasters can be ordered in singles or sets of four. Get these printed in bulk to cut down the costs.

Always get them from a professional coaster provider who will slash your costs but not your quality.

Uploading your own design is the best idea for corporate companies who want coasters to be used for branding and promotion. When you upload your own design, you can add your brand message, product photo, tagline etc. Your company’s corporate identity will also be better preserved by maintaining its standard typeface and colours.

Designing your own coasters online is the best idea when you want to create promotional gifts for your company or personalized gifts for your dear ones. You can even print the photos of your loved ones to create personalized photo gifts for special occasions like birthdays, weddings etc. Companies can design their own branded coasters to distribute at events, conferences, trade fairs and product launches.

Designing coasters online is a great idea that can be done easily when you have an expert coaster provider by your side. Unleash your creativity to unlock success by designing your own coasters online.

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