Pop art has been synonymous with bold styles and shapes that reach out and connect with art lovers in all nations. This popular form of art has the ability to send out powerful social messages to the world. It is seen in music posters and album covers. Some pop artists have created music posters that have been passed down from generation to generation because of their popularity.

Peter Max – The artist behind some iconic pieces of pop art

Peter Max is an iconic artist in the field of pop and cosmic art in the USA. He has been in the field for 50 years and draws his inspiration from diverse sources. His music posters have been collected by both old and young fans in the world. His creative and unique works of art have inspired millions of artists who wish to make their mark in the field of cosmic and pop art in the world. He has even stolen the limelight with his colorful and vibrant works of cosmic art for five decades and still shows no signs of retiring from his passion for painting that he loves the most.

Journey into the colorful world of cosmic art

His mom and dad inspired him for his creative inclinations towards color and art. He has trained under some of the best artists in the world and is known for his imaginative ideas that he manages to put down on canvas. When he was small, he was inspired by a Buddhist monastery and has traveled to several places in the world with his parents. Cosmic art inspires him to use a lot of shapes and patterns in his work. His Facebook profile contains photographs of all his works of art that have been displayed by agents of prominent museums and galleries of the world. If you closely examine his works of art, he pays a lot of attention to color and detail. His exhibitions are regularly visited by art lovers who appreciate his mesmerizing artwork that sends out powerful social messages. He is also a political activist and environmentalist. He focuses on saving the planet and propagates the message of recycling.

The pop music era of 1960-1970s in the USA

He created some of the most iconic musical band posters of the pop era from 1960 to 1970 in the USA. He has been the official artist for six Grammy Awards ceremonies and the famous musical reality show- The Voice. He has also painted for The Beatles and his posters created during that period are collected even till date. His works of art have the ability to cross boundaries of culture and boundary, and this is why he is loved by both old and young pop music art lovers.

Peter Max has been the official artist for 6 Presidents of the USA, and you can find them in US embassies across the world. He has also created the famous 7-Up campaign in 1968 and is still remembered for his creative art in the campaign!

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