Short term storage is going to be the right choice for you to store your seasonal items. You are not going to use them when the particular season is over. Also, if you are planning for a short foreign tour, or giving a new look to your rooms, you can think of this alternative to keep your regular items safe and secured.

This alternative is again very much useful for students, who do not have many possessions. They might need to keep their belongings during the vacation. As this is a short term solution, it does not involve lot of money. The period of storing can be anything between 2 weeks to 1 or 2 months.

Short term storage solution is not going to be a permanent solution for you. But, the storing facilities are quite flexible and friendly. Normally, they do not have strict rules and regulations.

You pack the items in your box and take them to the unit or drive your vehicle to the unit. Here they do not offer any moving in or out service for the customer.

However, the storing companies maintain the standard level of security and dust free, humid free atmosphere for the protection of the stored items. As they have long working hours, you can visit the place at your convenient time.

Storage units Las Vegas are pretty much affordable, as here you can avoid paying for long duration. The payment accounting starts from the day you move in. Some of the facilities have a minimum period of storing, which could be one month or 15 days. After this stipulated days, you can take your items whenever you feel like discontinuing.

There is no long term obligation, as you are renting in a short term basis. Few of the storing companies offer free move in facility using their own truck or discounted insurance rates etc. You can buy specially designed box for storing your seasonal items from the supply store of the warehouse.

However, there are quite a few disadvantages with the short term storage option. Normally you will not get a climate controlled facility for this type of alternative. At some places you may even have to share your space with others. This might hamper the privacy of your articles.

Some of the places do not even guarantee dirt and humid free storing units. So, it is advisable that do not store any valuable or important items at these facilities. This alternative is not at all recommended for sensitive, delicate items. For your important items, you better find some other place, where it will receive the required amount of privacy and security.

As the security and privacy of your articles may not be maintained properly in a short term storage center, you must take extra care while packing up your items within the box. Secure your boxes with tapes and wrap them with plastic sheet to protect the items from dust and damp.

For fragile items, specifically identify the box with a marker. If you can manage to get an individual unit for your storing, then you might add an extra padlock to provide more security.

Before storing your items verify that whether the facility offers minimum basic arrangements for security and protection or not. You will find plenty of storing facilities having this kind of short term system.

So, if you do not feel satisfied with one, you can very well search another one to suit your expectation.

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