Excitement is in the air as the occasion draws near and there are an umpteen number of things to do. But the most important thing to do first is to choose your invitation cards.

Invitation cards usher in the joy of the festive occasion by welcoming one and all to the event. so the invitation card must be designed rightly to display the magnitude of the event and also make the occasion memorable. It could be ornamental, ostentatious and just obviously casual. However you design the invitation card, choose a design that is totally unique and only yours.

But how to do that? Here let us help you choose the right invitation cards with these tips.

Choosing the right invitation cards-some tips

  1. The theme

What would be the theme of your card? – Vintage or Modern; Flamboyant or functional; Elite or just essential; Chic or customary?

Decide on how you would like your card to like by finalizing its theme. The theme of your invitation card is going to decide its elements like the colours, font, content, texture and layout to be used.

  1. The design

How you would like to design your card? With single fold or multifold? With die-cut or just plain layouts? With the regular rectangular shape or a distinctly different contour?

Deciding the design of your invitation card is crucial and has to be one very early as a lot of planning has to be done to execute this design. The other important factor to be noted is that the design of your invitation card also decides its cost of printing. Yes, a routine card with a regular shape and pattern might cost less but unusually shaped cards or cards with die-cut layouts will definitely cost.

But if you are a person who wishes to stand out from the rest, this extra cost will only prove marginal when compared to the everlasting memories your invitation card is going to create!

  1. The colours

Want a dignified and sophisticated invitation card?- choose sober and pastel shades. Want a striking card – go for bright colours. Want to make a loud statement with your invite- go flashy and fluorescent!

The colours you choose for your card also decide the emotion it conveys and evokes.
Wedding cards are usually either vibrant or just plain sober. Take care in using only auspicious colours as per your tradition and avoid shades of black or grey.

Whether you want to go single colour or multi-colour is your choice, but just make sure you select the right colour for your card.

  1. The fonts

Invitation cards usually use a cursive script when the occasion is a family one and go for capitals only for corporate occasions. Choose a legible font that is easily readable and printable. Highlight the names, venue and date and time details in bold, capitals or in a different font.

Always select a font that makes your card come alive with the word son it.

  1. The content

Choose what you wish to inscribe on your card carefully. Catchy and creative content is a must for any invitation card.  Choose meaningful lines that make a memory or humorous quips that light up some smiles.

  1. The material and texture

Printing invitation cards is a challenging task. Choose among different materials like paper, cloth, plastic or even metal. Even in cloth, satin, silk, cotton and denim cards are in vogue.

Similarly, the texture of the card- glossy, matte, marbled or ribbed is going to have a say in the finish and look of the card.

  1. The print provider

Choose the best print provider in town for designing and creating your invitation cards. Make sure your print specialist is creative, cost-effective and committed to executing the job on time. Choose a print specialist who is open to ideas and allows you to upload your images for incorporation on the card. Finally, fix the print provider who gives you a unique design and prints it at an utterly reasonable rate.

Use the above tips to choose the right invitation card design from the templates and samples shown by your print provider. Unleash your creativity by uploading your own designs and watch them work wonders for you in the hands of your expert print specialist.

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