Finding out you are moving and must do it within 30 to 60 days can make the event a whirlwind of activities. Finding a new place, locating a moving service, and asking for time off from work is only the beginning of the many things on your to-do list. To help you out, here are three things that most people forget when they move.

Notifying Everyone

You may remember to notify your credit card companies or the utility companies, but don’t forget about the food delivery services or grocery carts. While you are sending out moving announcements, remember to include all the people on your holiday card list. If you have a home business, consider sending out a playful announcement about moving to all your clients. Don’t forget to announce your move on social media – after the event.

Moving Supplies

Get your moving supplies early and buy more than you think you will need. However, go lightly on the huge boxes that you probably can’t lift on your own when they are filled. Instead, find moving boxes in St Louis MO that are smaller and easily stacked in a corner as you pack up your life. This is especially true for children’s items, books, and kitchen goods.

Discarding Life

You bought that shirt three years ago when you trekked through the canyon with friends, but be honest, you haven’t worn it since. So, get rid of it. The shoes that you use to love but haven’t worn in six months need to go. The biggest helpful hint of all is that if you have a junk drawer you haven’t opened in over a year, toss the contents instead of spending two hours pouring through everything. If you didn’t use it last year, you probably won’t use it next year.

By using these three tips, you can stay on top of your move. Remember, moving can be an exciting new beginning.

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