After you decide to move and once you are done finding the best moving services, the next thing you have to check is packing. Packing furniture, clothes and school or work supply is one thing, but packing the glassware is another thing. Glassware is known as the most delicate type of item and therefore these should be dealt with special care, otherwise these would be shattered into numerous pieces. And you must not prefer that. Right?

Although these items are really delicate, but these can be packed without causing much difficulty. All you need is to put some extra effort to ensure that these items are safe for moving and transporting with other items. Besides, glassware also has the chance to get damaged while shipping and moving. Therefore, these items need additional care.

So, here are the things that you can do in this regard:

  • General strategy of packing: While it comes to packing glassware, every piece must be individually wrapped. To do this, you can take a few sheets of paper or bubble wraps and then wrap those around the glassware beginning from a corner and continuing diagonally, tucking the edges in as you continue. Therefore, add another layer of bubble wrap or newspaper to serve as the outer wrap. This will offer an enough baseline of protection between every piece.
    Be as generous as you can with the paper cushioning and crumpled newspaper or bubble wrap around all the fragile items, including glassware and china items.
  • Layering the flat items: While packing the flat bottom glassware items, first prepare the bottom part of the packing box with bubble wraps or crumpled news wraps. The bottom part of the box is just perfect for platters and other large glass and china plates. Wrap all the large dishes in the news wrap individually and therefore bundle with one or two other individually-wrapped dishes of the similar size. Therefore, secure the bundle with two or more sheets of bubble wrap or news wrap. Next, put the bundle in one of the rows on the dish pack or the box edge. Repeat this method and don’t leave any unfilled space around the bundles. Add more amount of crushed paper on the top of the bundle to create protective platform for the next layer.
  • Layering the bowls: The bowls work as middle or bottom layers, on the basis of the size. These may be wrapped in the similar way as you packed other pieces. Large bowls can be nested in the groups of two or three, while keeping in the upside down manner. The shallow bowls can be stood up on the edge in the dish pack.

Once you are done, add a final layer of bubble wrap or packing paper on top of everything as the cushioning. Therefore, shut the box with tape. Next thing you need to do is to label the carton with the contents and the room name. For more protection, you can mark the box as “fragile”.

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