It may seem like a regular day until you suddenly hear a cracking sound, and the next thing you know, a family member is telling you that the backyard is flooding. What could have been an easy Sunday breakfast has suddenly turned into a potential $15,000 problem. This price could jump up if that water leak ends up flooding your basement or ground floor house. 

So, how can you prevent such a costly tragedy? Utilizing a pipe camera device can allow a plumber to see potential problems in your pipes before the burst. This article will discuss what a pipe camera is and how the plumber uses it. 

Pipe cameras, or pipeline video inspection, as its professional name is called, involves the process of visually inspecting the inside of a pipeline. Sometimes, this pipe camera also comes with a cleanout process or has an additional pipe camera to perform that task. This can fix the problem before it becomes a problem. 

The pipe camera, itself, has a few parts. The camera contains LED lights to light the path and allow for the plumber to see within the pipe, and all both of these are attached to the end of a swiveling head which is, in turn, attached to a cylindrical body. The plumber can turn the camera as they wish to fully inspect an area. Sometimes, these cameras also have lasers which can give the plumber data about pipe diameter among other things. 

The process is quite simple. The service truck is parked over the access point of the pipe they intend to inspect. This may be a manhole or another access point that grants them entry into the pipe in question. A camera tractor is used to lower just a tad into the pipeline and is attached to a winch, which is then attached to the service truck. Carefully, the plumber then operates the camera and descends down the pipeline to inspect the area in question. 

If the pipe is too small in diameter, it may be impossible to bring the pipe camera and its camera tractor, back up. As such a device known as a rigid “fish” is inserted into the pipe. A rope is used with the fish to pull the camera cable back to the surface. Once the camera is back, the video can be analyzed. 

While the bulk of the investigation is done while the camera is inside of the pipe, the feed is recorded, so that they can play it back later in the event that they require a second look. Treatment for blockages can be performed immediately or after consultation. 

The entire process is relatively easy, and with the power of modern technology, it can potentially save a homeowner thousands of dollars. Having your plumber perform routine maintenance on your pipes with this camera device will save you money in the long run. Plumbing companies can easily find them online to add to their arsenal of services they can provide for their customers.


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