The United States consumes 146,000,000,000 cups of coffee annually, which makes it the #1 coffee consumer in the world. Europe, Africa, and Asia all drink coffee, but it’s the US, with an appetite for stimulating beverages, that consumes the most per day and that number is rising. 

A mid-century man or woman in the United States drank a “Cup of Joe” to keep alert at work or play, but their taste buds evolved in the later part of the century and they demanded a broader selection of coffee drinks and caffeine concoctions to satisfy their thirst for perfect coffee. Americans were soon introduced to European-style coffee on a bigger stage than had been seen before. Starbucks was the first retail outlet that really hooked Americans on high quality coffee produced by quality espresso machines. Starbucks employed experienced Baristas who used 100-year old preparation technologies to make delicious espresso coffee the likes the US consumer had never tasted before. These espresso machines began to be a “must have” kitchen device in the late 1900’s and into the early 2000’s. At that time coffee was riding a wave of popularity and it showed as the price of a cup of coffee went up along with the number of new coffee drinkers. While the new-found admiration coffee has seen continues, it seems its future is brighter than a one hit wonder. 

One Hit Wonders 

US consumers have yet to fully integrate espresso-type machines into their homes. They are moving through a series of new technologies that are focused on the single-serve portions that are kept fresh in a variant of a pod. These pod machines must be cleaned vigorously to keep them free from contamination. It’s because of the work that goes into maintaining this kind of equipment that the US is slowing its consumption of these types of machines. The classic, American coffee pot which percolated water through course grinds was what Americans used the most and what they think of when thinking about your average coffee maker. Brands like, “Mister Coffee” dripping pots were popular and sold millions of units. Today the coffee industry, and its consumers, are going back to a trusted method of making espresso to make their favorite coffee drinks. Espressos, Cappuccino, and Lattes can be made with an espresso machine that works with steam to make coffee, better known in Europe as an Espresso. Commercial espresso machines use forced steam through fine coffee grounds to produce its espresso (coffee) and a steam port to create the desired condition for the addition of dairy to the coffee. Noncommercial kitchens can find refurbished ones that are very affordable and that can replace what they have right now. 


A legend is someone or something that lasts the test of time. Sometimes our legends must endure many struggles along the way to get to where they are today or when they were the best in their field. A coffee machine can either get benched or be the star of the kitchen. Espresso can be as much as 30% stronger than brewed coffee. 

An easy to use, clean, and maintain espresso machine is what you need now that the taste of high-quality coffee can be had by everyone and not just those with expensive equipment. Let your taste buds lead the way and you’ll probably find yourself a great deal on a quality espresso machine to make a delicious espresso drink right now.

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