Spring time means rejuvenation of flowers, plants, pollen, grass, and insects. This is a great time to call for pest control service greenville nc before the hot days of summer. During the summer we like to cook outdoors and entertain our family and friends. This would not be a good time to have pest problems. Taking care of potential pests needs to start now to protect your home and office.

Pests To Control
A common outdoor insect is the mosquito. Mosquito larvae can be hatching in any standing water that has collected in your backyard. Using scheduled pest control measures are an effective way to keep biting mosquitos at bay. Another insect to treat shrubs and bushes for in your pest control management are buzzing wasps and hornets.

You can tell where the bees will be making their nests because they are already flying around to claim their territories. In addition to checking the shrubbery close to your home, check trees on your property or your homes corners and crevices. 

Are you familiar with Carpenter bees? This insect does not sting but is a nest building nuisance. Carpenter bees love to make their nests in wood. A wooden structure or furniture is the perfect home for these bees which lays hundreds of eggs, all feeding on your home, kids playground swings, lamp posts, etc.

The North Carolina Spring Tail is another nuisance pest. They feed and live around moist surfaces like the soil and moldy environments. Yes, they begin their life outdoors, but they have been known to find their way into our homes. 

Additional pests to get a hold of now includes spiders and the annoying fire ants. Oh those fire ants whose mounds are visible everywhere. Yes, here are do-it-yourself products to destroy fire ant mounds, but as you know, they pop up in another garden area. 

Other indoor pests that are harmful to our health are roaches and flies, both of which carry bacteria and diseases that are deadly.
Using a professional pest control company, which has the right products are a proven method to control their tenacious tunneling. Once a pest control company treats your yard, it keeps the fire ants at bay for quite some time so that pets and children can play safely.

Benefits of Pest Control
Pest control companies offer many residential and commercial services at a time when it is convenient for you, whether monthly or quarterly:

• Annual Inspection Plans and Services
• Attic Inspection Services 
• Bed Bug Inspection and Treatments 
• Crawl Space Services
• Dehumidification Systems
• Fire Ant Control
• Foundation Inspection 
• Insulation Removal and Installation 
• Integrated Pest Management (safe for people and the environment)
• Moisture Barrier 
• Pest Control Services (Monthly, Quarterly)
• Rodent Control
• Termite Control 

Pest control companies help to keep our indoor and outdoor environments safe for our health and that of family and friends. Indoor pests do not reflect how you maintain your home or office. Even the Kardashian’s have had pest problems which they openly talked about on their tv program. Therefore don’t be embarrassed if pests invade your home or office because we can’t escape their existence, but we can control how they impact our lives with professional pest control service.


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