SEO acronym for Search Engine Optimization is a technique to optimize the website in a way that it ranks on Google. This process includes a follow-up of numerous steps which can be broadly be divided into two categories or factors that are:

  1. On-Page Seo factors
  2. Off-Page Seo factors

Both of these factors are a way of doing the Seo of your website. But the steps followed to complete the Seo process goes in vain if the developer or the owner does not perform any SEO audit. Seo Audit is basically a health checkup of your website that helps your domain to grow and build vast user engagement. Make your task easier of auditing using the best Seo services of Toronto provided by Graycyan.

Why is Seo Auditing necessary for a website?

As already told, it checks your website which helps you to improve the domain and help to rank better among your competitors. Like any other trend, Seo trends are very dynamic in nature and do not assure the best results by following the same pattern as others have done. This dynamic nature leads to the need of performing a Seo audit keeping a time span of a month or two depending on the size of the website. As quoted by Neil Patel, ” Try to do the full-SEO audits quarterly and mini-audits monthly”.

What are the important factors or attributes for an SEO audit?

So the key elements or attributes that should be given importance are:

Check the basic Back-end factors that could be the reason for the improper working of the website The back-end factors could cause big issues for a website if not implemented properly.

These factors include website indexing and hosting. Indexing your website pages is referred to as the generator factor of organic factor which can never be overlooked.

To validate that your website is indexed, follow this chain:

Google Search Console > Google Index > Index Status or simply write “site:[websitename]” on Google search- This gives you the exact number of pages that are indexed.

Tools required for the SEO audit process

Here are the tools that can be used during the audit process.

  • Google Analytics
  • Google PageSpeed Insights
  • Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool
  • Ahrefs
  • Google Search Console
  • SERP Simulator
  • Copyscape
  • Web Page Word Counter

Only ONE version of the website should be browsable

The first step that every Seo analyst should start with is checking that only one version of the website domain on the Google browser should lead to your main website landing page. This means that every other version of the website domain should be 301 redirected.

Keep your Website updated as per Panda and Penguin algorithm Guidelines

Panda and Penguin are the updated algorithm versions of Google and the objective of these algorithms is to rank the best-optimized websites inside SERPs. These two algorithms rank your website on different factors. Panda ranks you if your website is stuffed with good content and banners. On another hand, Penguin gives you the reality check about the backlinking that is associated with your website.

To do a speedy check for Panda in your SEO review, step over from your screen and investigate your site. Just make sure that you have a good amount of banners on your website and great but descriptive content.

Refer to GrayCyan referred to as the best Seo company Toronto, for making sure that your website does well when tested for the Penguin algorithm. Make sure you do monthly audits of the website to rank your website according to the given algorithms.

Regular Improvement of Webpage Titles and Meta Description

A mini Seo audit performed should always include the checking of the page titles and meta description. These two should never compromise the quality as they play a crucial role in making the mark of your brand through Google ranking. Duplication and missing title pages are the main reasons that your website is lagging behind from your competitor’s website.

Meta Description is defined as the short definition of the data present on your website. Since it acts as the invitation of your website to a searcher, so it should be precise, simple and self-descriptive. The auditing of meta-description should be done regularly to engage a large set of audiences. Avoid duplicates and incompleteness of meta-descriptions.

Crawl your website to perform Seo Audit

Crawling your website gives you an elevated perspective on any issues that may be prowling in the shadows. For instance, there may be certain webpages that fall in the “noindex” which implies that web crawlers can’t crawl our page.

That implies you’re losing the chance to rank for that page (or any watchwords you’ve put on it). You can’t assemble natural traffic to a page that you set to “noindex.” A site slithers can assist you with finding those pages. There are likewise a couple of various page blunders that you have to pay special mind to.

For instance, 404 blunders happen when your page is positioning for a hunting term despite the fact that it doesn’t exist any longer because of erasure or changed URL.

Don’t know how to crawl your website or finding a problem in solving different webpage errors, try GrayCyan that is the best Seo service solution of Toronto.

Site Structure Fixation

Though website is a set of pages linked together but actually it can be represented in the hierarchical structure. Every site should be designed in a way, you never loose your audience. It should be very simple and easy to understand. Make sure your home page should include link to every sub-page of the website. Design the website, such that main page lies above followed by the sub-pages in the hierarchical order.

Make your website Mobile-optimized

Since every user carries a mobile, it becomes a foremost factor of making the website mobile optimized.

Check the Website loading speed

Make sure the web version and mobile version of your website, loads very quickly. The more the website takes time to load up, the more is the bounce rate.

Improve User Experience

Every website whether user-based or client based immensely focuses on making the best possible user experience. Google assigns you a high rank if you are providing better user experience as compared to your competitors. User experience covers a number of factors like website should look good, must have precise but descriptive content to answer every Why of the customer with respective How. User experience highly depends on the way, the website handles and explains its audience about the occurrence of error and its solution. Colors, text size, font, graphics, video or image content, personality addition, one-to-one engagement are key elements to improve the user experience. To help you in providing the best user experience the Seo services Toronto i.eGrayCyan is doing great efforts.

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