Virtual Private Server Hosting is a state-of-the-art approach to partitioning physical servers into several virtual machines. 2020 is going to be the limelight year for VPS, since it offers the functionality, capability, and of a high-end dedicated server, but at a fraction of the cost. When you buy VPS plans for your website, you get a 100% individual machine equipped with a dedicated RAM and CPU, and root access. so, if you are currently on the hunt for the perfect hosting solution for your project, here are 7 reasons to sway your mind towards VPS:


Think of shared hosting like a stack of Dominoes. One askew piece can have the whole server cascading down in a matter of seconds. With shared hosting, the performance and uptime of your website is affected by all the other websites hosted on that same server. With 2020 peeking just around the corner, shared hosting will be history. With a plethora of companies piling on thousands of clients onto the same web server, many people are questioning the reliability of their services. However, when you buy VPS, the first thing you will notice is the enhanced performance and the increased uptime of your website. Not to mention, you can also overcome other issues such as that of RAM, server load etc.


Given the host of amazing benefits it offers over other means of hosting, it would come as a surprise to know that VPS costs less than dedicated web hosting. Since Virtual private servers are essentially a section of a physical server that branches out into multiple virtual servers, the cost gets divided between different clients using the same physical server. Even though it is a bit expensive than shared hosting still, you can expect the prices to fall down further in 2020 with advances in virtualization technologies. This especially makes them the best for start-up companies that set quite a score by affordability.


Since each separate virtual server can have individual operating systems and its own customized settings, the server becomes quite versatile, and can be used for various applications without affecting any other virtual server branching off the same physical server. Businesses can now customize their VPS to cater to their individual needs without paying for any features that they are not using.

Increased Control

As compared to shared hosting plans, VPS affords users a greater level of control. This translates into the fact that business owners will have root access and can use scripts directly if they need to. On the other hand, a technical support team will be available round the clock to respond to your needs. It’s up to businesses whether they are looking for a fully managed service or a server where the hosting provider will only be in charge of the management.

Proper Security

Your website security is the defining line between whether people trust you or not. One of the greatest benefits of VPS hosting is the high-security levels it offers to clients. Even though you are essentially sharing the same physical server with other customers, your data remains confidential among your private environment and can never be accessed by other clients. Due to the segregation, you can take the security of your server in your own hands. You can put up any security tools and firewalls without affecting any other virtual servers.


You may start out as a small enterprise, but you might feel the need to expand one day. It is not prudent to plan in advance and pay for more server resources than you currently need on a dedicated server, thinking that it would come in handy once you grow. With virtual servers, you pay for what you are using right now and scale up your server capabilities as much as you want over time.

Data Backup

While this should be integrated in any hosting plan you choose, VPS plans make sure your data is always secure. You wouldn’t want to lose your data if something were to happen to your provider’s network. Most VPS plans allow you to manually backup all of your data, so that it can be restored if anything goes wrong. not to mention, since your data is backed on a virtual server, it can be accessed anywhere, anytime, as long as you are connected to the internet.

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